10 GHz contest 2005

Nice weather, Good conditions made this a very nice contest. Made my highest score this year.


Kent, K6WCI form Secret Site 51

Rare photo of Dick, WB6JDH actually working a 10 GHz contest.

Steve W6QIW(left) and Bob N6VHS(right) high atop Secret Site 51

Nice view of the site before everyone else shows up.

Looking over the valley from SS51

Back of my dual 5 and 10 GHZ setup. Before the amp, preamp, keyer....etc

Kent, K6WCI waiting for Q's from Gavoita. A lady photographer stop and shot 3 rolls of film of us working Mexico.

You can see Gavoita pier in the distance. This site works great...Sometimes.

Beautiful Dog beach in Huntington Beach CA. Nice spot to work just look out for dog droppings.


The view from Signal Hill DM03wt.

Looking north towards the Park from Signal Hill

The end of a great day of contesting ending up at Signal Hill in Long Beach.