10 GHz contest 2006

First weekend had great conditions, second weekend we really had to work for the contacts plus major brush fires made the air very unpleasant. 


Glenn KE6HPZ and Larry KE6EG on Mt. Santa Ynez during the first weekend

Larry KE6EG working the trough (name of his rig)

KG6EG and KE6HPZ showing more of the Sante Ynez site. Takes an hour to get here from the highway.

Setup in Goleta on the Beach.

Glenn KE6HPZ zeroing in on Mexico.

Not much better places to operate than on the beach in Santa Barbara. N6TEB dual 5 and 10 GHz dish

From Gavoita Beach during the first weekend. Nice clear day. Worked serveral people by bouncing off the Islands and Oil derricks.

2nd weekend shot from Gavoita. Notice the gray smokey sky as compared to the previous shot the month before.

Myself, N6TEB working from the middle of nowhere. 1100 ft. in DM05. closest town nearby was Buttonwillow.

Jim N9JIM with his 4 ft dish working Mexico from CM95.

Another shot of N9JIM setup showing 2 10GHz and 1 24GHz dishes.

Chip N6CA and Wayne KH6WZ set up in DM05 with Paul N6DN checking out the setup.

Looking over the masters shoulder. N6CA was the only one who worked Mexico from this location in DM05 although we all tried. Size does matter!

W6QIW Steve atop Santa Ynez. Thanks for the help in working the weak ones.

W6QIW with N6DN working CW.

N6DN Paul, working Mexico on CW from Gavoita. Kent K6WCI enjoying the view.

Paul N6DN praying to the Aztec God of CW trying to complete with Mexico.

Nice operating posistion Paul.

Kent K6WCI waiting his turn from Gavoita. CM94

Availalble light shot of Glenn KE6HPZ and Larry KG6EG setting up on the parking strcture in Downey.

Glenn KE6HPZ making an easy shot to Mexico from DM03 Downey.

Larry KE6EG working Mexico before he and Glenn moved on to their next stop. They where setup and gone in 10 minutes.

Kent, Paul and my dish set up working Chip N6CA over 8000 ft mountains. What a shot. This shouldn't work!