10 GHz contest 2007.

We started up on a hill top where the California Condors hang out. Hopefully we didn't fry any of them as they flew overhead.

We were able to squeeze 4 hams and 5 radios into my Ford Excursion or out Saturday outing. After a while on the Hilltop Steve W6QIW joined us making 5 hams (no eggs) to serve the other contesters.


Looking South from the left; W6QIW Steve, N6DN Paul, N6TEB Dave, K6WCI Kent and KE6RPY. The small radio is 24GHz

Bill KE6RPY in the foreground getting his first taste of working the Microwaves.

Myself N6TEB with Paul N6DN and Kent K6WCI set up to work anybody anywhere.

On this hilltop we are right above a Fire camp. Helo's come and go throughout the day.

This is my newly completed 24 GHz radio. Still needs the front panel and case but it works?

Kent tuning in Mexico from a weak location.

Bill working the last few late at night.

Our last stop, DM03ww, close to home in Downey atop the tallest parking structure we could find.