2007 Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Run


Stage 5 - Baker to Vegas at about 3pm on Saturday

Stage 5 - 8 am Sunday Morning. Where did everbody go?

It just wouldn't be an outing if I didn't get stuck in the sand.

Lucky for me Paul, K6EH had lots of tools and toys to help get me out. Between him and Kent's 4 wheel drives I got back on solid ground.

Bill, KE6RPY and Paul await the first runners

Stephanie and Barbara man (staff) the new chip timing device used to capture the runners time.

Carl has been doing this for 18 years and is timing the pass off of the baton.

Laura (Right) and Vicki rest up for there turn at the timing station.

Traffic was heavy with runners, It is amazing how many people are involved.

Here is a runner coming into the chute.

Passing the baton two members of the South Gate team.

Did I mention there are lots of people out for this?

This is the staging area as runners await their turn and catcher's await the incoming runners.

Kent K6WCI working relief with Paul at the Stage radio posistion.

Our stage was open until 10pm, it got cold and windy. Here are Bill and Paul working into the night.

Vicki coming back from a break and ready to hit it again.

Stephanie and Barbara try to keep warm as the temp drops.

Heading home on Sunday and the desert returns to its original state.

All in all a nice weekend and everyone plans to be back for next year.