June 2007 Rover

This year we went out a pair with Glenn KE6HPZ running the backseat radios from 220 to 10 GHZ while I ran the bread and butter bands 6 and 2 meters. Paul N6DN teamed up with Steve AD6HT as we zoomed across central and southern California. As of this writing the scores are not published so we have to wait to see how we did.


Middle of nowhere, Where the grids converge in Bissel.

While out in the middle of nowhere we came across another ham with an interesting setup. Big tower with loops.

Here we meeting with ??6AAG, Glenn KE6HPZ is in the middle and Paul N6DN is to the right.

Steve AD6HT and Glenn KE6HPZ when they forced us to stop contesting and eat some real food. Although Glenn is known to survive on Nilla wafers.

It wouldn't be a contest without in the field repairs. Here Steve is working on Paul's 3GHz radio while the rest of us hit Starbucks.

At the end of the contest we came across Wayne N6NB with his rover truck.

Looking inside Wayne N6NB truck we see why we can hear him everywhere. Killowatt Amps.

Wayne can't believe he worked Paul on 5 GHz with this as Paul's only 5 gig antenna

Paul's N6DN uses the PVC approach to antenna mounts, This makes for a quick setup and tear down.