Kids involved in Ham Radio

A few years back our Kid's pastor asked if we could do a hobby class for Kids and Ham radio.

Our objective was to show them the fun of the hobby and hopefully spark an interest. Every week was something hands on. We usually started with a little talk about what radio is and let them talk through a repeater. Next calls is hide and seek Ham Radio style using T-Hunting gear. This was always one of their favorite activities. Next we would bring out the Laser Communicator and Morse code Keys showing the the old and the new and let them talk over light and learn their name in Morse. We showed the kids Text Messaging Ham Radio Style using PSK31 and a G5RV stretched across the quad. Every time we tried we made a contact. Lastly we built Crystal Radio from a kit using about 8 parts. The kids really enjoyed our Class.


Everyone is getting ready to build a crystal radio that they can take with them.

If we aren't building we are get the kids on the Air, here we are using PSK31 showing the kids text messaging ham radio style.

Kent K6WCI is great working with the kids.

Usually soldering requires a little more training and assistance.

The girls seemed to out do the boys when it comes to following directions and working with little parts.

Parts loaded and ready to solder.

Kent and I helping kids to the final assymbley

These two boys work fast and were always one step ahead of us.

The thrill of hearing your fist station on a radio you built yourself.