LA County Fair 2006

We set up a booth promoting Ham Radio and the Downey Amateur Radio Club and the San Bernardino Microwave Scoiety


Kent and Dick ready to talk radio.

Set up and ready for guests, Kent K6WCI and Dick WB6JDH in the background

Another shot of our Booth

This is the south entrance of the Fair as you enter Ham Radio Alley

The Departmnet of Defence had one of thier tower trailers on display. Hard to fit all 100 ft into the photo

Here is a billboard showing Moonbounce and the OVRO project. Our laser communicators are on the tripods

Myself, Dave N6TEB working Digital HF. Not much luck this day with very poor band conditions

Nice crowds for the first weekend day at the fair

What is that up in the trees?

A closer looks show Rich KG6JKJ working on a mis matching verticle

No ham outing is complete without a little tower work.

Joy KD6FJV lends Rich a hand

Time to connect a new coax and see if that helps

What goes up, must come down

Nothing like a little tower climbing to make the day

Taping off the coax on his way down

So did it fix the problem... nope the antenna had to come down for retuning

At least everyone got down safely

Joy stands ready to catch as the wet noodle of an antenna makes its way down

Good catch

Ah ha, the connectore is loose in its mount

After a adding a little length to the antenna the match starts to look better

Ready to tilt it back up again

Finally about ready to put the main HF station back on the air

Up it goes

Meanwhile Dick and Kent start listening for 10 GHz beacons

After a lot of tweaking they are able to hear Chip N6CA serveal miles away in Lomita operating from home with his Omni 10GHZ antenna.

This is the correct operating angle to work Lomita from Pomona shooting over building and mountains. Thanks for haning with us Chip. Nice contact.