Germany - Kusal Castle

Close to where Holly lives is the small town of Kusal, Close by is this Castle that burned down and was dismantled to help build the town. Much of the original walls remain.


We felt right at home as it appeared they had both our portriats on the gate.

Here is our first view of the castle ruins

Much of it was still intact.

Here you can see where fire destroyed the floors and roof of this section.

Steps, Castles have lots and lots of steps. Luckily there were cute girls to chase.

Once we climed to the top we had a great view of the valley.

Looking down on Kusal.

Another view of the surrounding city.

Everywhere you looked was an amazing view.

Laura and I on one of the out croppings.

Here is a view from overlooking the west tower.

For some reason there was a stone ping pong table there.

Heading to the rear of the castle you can see where stones were taken to help build the surrounding cities.

Inside the ruins.

Here you can see where the floors used to be.

Laura had fun climbing the walls and trying to stay warm.

I have no idea what this is, if you do let me know.

View from inside.

Looking out over the back area.

Looking out the rear wall over the city.

Keeping warm was rough on this cold drizzleing day.

I have two cute daughters, here is one of them.

Leaving the castle heading off to our next adventure.