London, November 2007

While visiting Holly in Germany we were able to stay two days in London and see the sights. It was sunny and cold the first day and cloudy and colder the next. In spite of the freezing temperature we had a great time.


Laura and I with a typical Red Bus and Big Ben in the Background.

English Breakfast. Ham, Bacon, Toast, Eggs, Baked Beans, Mushrooms and Tomato. Interesting.

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Huge crowds filled the square across from the Palace.

The Flag flying means the Queen is at the Palace.

Cool artwork everywhere.

Royal Horse Guard.

Nice Hat.

View of the Palace from St. James Park.

The autumn colors filled the park.

My Daughter and Son in law add to the beauty of the park.

Our fist glimpse of Big Ben.

Westminster Abbey. These towers were added in the 1500's.

Next to the main entrance of the Nave. Words of hope.

East entrance for visitors.

The artwork was amazing at the Abbey.

This is above the east entrance of the Abbey.

The only spot we could take pictures inside the Abbey was along the back wall. Cute couple.

Big Ben from the Abbey.

Monument to the women who served in WWII.

The Royal Horse Guard is stationed here.

Tribute to soldiers from the past.

A modern serviceman shares the view.

Holly and Jeff in the Hotel lobby where we stayed.

The National Gallery. Many famous paintings are housed here.

Outside the Tower of London they set up an Ice rink for skaters.

View from the National Gallery.

End of our first day in London. Lots of walking.

The London Eye as seen from our hotel room.

From the tour bus Big Ben is seen inside the London Eye.

Everywhere we looked the buildings were amazing.

At last, a Starbucks!

Statues outside St. Paul's church.

This is the original entrance to London that was dismantaled and stored for years until this place was found to restore it.

They actually have these cool red phone booths. Dr. Who anyone?

Among all the gothic building a few modern structures stand out.

Anothern modern building.

Ice skateing outside the Tower of London. It was very cold when we were there.

Entering the Tower of London.

Actors discribed what life was like in the 16th century.

The tower bridge.

Closeup of the Tower Bridge. We did not climb up there.

The white tower at the Tower of London.

View from the inside the Tower.

This is part of the first and original tower built around the 3rd century.

We could of really used a British to American dictionary. This means keep off the grass.

The Armory has thousands of weapons on display.

Muskets and Swords on display.

This rack hold over 1500 muskets with bayonets.

Display showing the kings horses and armor.

Wooden heads of many of the Kings.

A giant Knight stood 6' 9". I came pretty close being his size.

Scottish Axe heads. Nasty looking.

These would be painful.

This is the actual Axe and Block used in the beheading of Catherine Queen of Scotts.

Laura next to a mounted Knight and armored horse.

The figures behind Laura represent Beer and Gin.

A 3 barrel breach loading gun made for King Henery the VIII.

Nice 7 barrel rifile. I want one.

Sir happy to see you. (figure it out)

Last shot of Big Ben before we left.