Yosemite Vacation 2007


No trailer trip is complete without the traditional changing of the tire.

Arriving at Yosemite Pines RV park we find it is a very nice place and the trees were in bloom.

Once everything is set up, it is Martini time. Here Kent, myself and Steve lift a toast to completion of set up.

While we are drinking martini's the women are doing... well woman's work. :)

A few miles away is the town of Groveland. Nice old mining town. Here is pretty much the whole town of Groveland, CA.

In this picture you can see the Iron Door Soloon open since 1852.

Inside the Iron Door. Those things hanging from the cielding are dollare bills. There are lots of them.

I tried to make friends with a few of the locals at the RV park. This one asked me for a date.

I have seen many teenagers that look like this.

You know you are staying in the right place if it has a John Deere tractor.

Before we left on our first trip to Yosemite we tried to lock the kids in the local jail. We couldnt locate a key so we took Rachele and Kalynn along.

We saw lots of waterfalls and went on MANY hikes. Here are Kent and Barbara at the end of one of the hikes.

The thing I like best about these big trees is they make me look small. Laura and myself.

Why they just didnt drive around this tree we will never know.

Here are a bunch of Sherods, Steve, Kalynn, Brenda and Richele. There are more of them but only these could be found in Yosemite.

My sweetie and I. The tree isnt that big, I am just getting smaller.

Every chance I get I try to push Barbara over the edge. So far I have not been sucessful.

Despite my constant harassment Barbara continues to be my friend.

Everywhere we hiked the view was beautiful. This is the spring coming down from Bridalvale falls.

Bridalvale Falls from the trail.

El Capitian the rock. Laura and I prefer El Capitian state beach but this was still pretty cool. People actually climb this thing.

The Hotel in the middle of Yosemite has 3 of these huge fireplaces.

Upper Yosemite Falls

In the springtime the waterfalls are all flowing well.

This is a view of upper and lower Yosemite Falls.

There are three tunnels leading into Yosemite Valley. The kids try to hold their breath all the way through. I try to see how slow I can drive:)

The notorious Buchanan sisters at one of the many outlooks along the way.

Kent seems to always take a great picture. I don't know why I hang out with him.

Another Sherod sighting at the end of a short hike.

This is Mirror Lake, Beautiful place. Great picture, everyone tells me so. Wish I could take credit but Laura took this photo.

Another great shot by my wife the shutter bug.

This is the view from the Dam in Hetch Hetchery

Vicki, Barbara and Ron enjoy the view from the top of the Dam.

Another view of the reservoir that feeds San Franscisco.

Laura our hiking guide and my lovely wife on one of the many trails we were on.

We had to share the trail with a bear. Luckily I brought along a knife so I could ham string anyone who could out run me if we needed to escape.

This is the waterfall we hiked to at Hetch Hetchery

A gaggle of girls.

This is the view back to the dam from the waterfalls.

There were some pretty cool flowers along this path.

Last hike of the trip. I just doesn't get any better than this. It was a great trip and wonderful week.